Meet Crystal

Crystal Nutt is a writer with a passion for people and places.

Born and raised in rural, southern Minnesota, she feels at home in wide-open spaces and inspired by the smell of cow manure.

A longtime admirer of stories, Crystal remembers falling in love with writing after a sixth grade English assignment. She is intrigued by the uniqueness of others and easily creates connections with people from all walks of life. An independent soul with a thirst for adventure, Crystal pushes the limits and delights in finding the extraordinary among the ordinary.

Crystal is married to teacher, coach and Superdad, Alan. Together they have three wonderful children, Aiden, Elise and Sanders. Crystal enjoys spending time outdoors, participating in community, reading nonfiction and following all things volleyball. When she isn’t busy writing stories about people and places, she’s helping organizations change lives with grants and communications at Crystal Nutt Consulting.

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Annandale, Minnesota